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9th & 10th February 2018 

Creating A New Old San Francisco invites you to the UCSF in Mission Bay for a one day deep dive into contemporary aging.

It sets out to inspire with a celebration of the potential of us, the aging population.

What is unique about aging today? Who are the innovators creating tomorrow’s solutions?


People are living longer bringing changes in the way we live, where we live, how we care for our aging selves or our elderly, engage across generations, even the illnesses we succumb to. 85 year olds are the fastest growing sector of the US population. Consumers aged 50 plus now control the US economy with 60% of wealth and 40% of its spending. The older populations includes the wealthiest and most fragile in society affecting sectors from finance to transport, fashion to healthcare.


We live long, let’s start living well?


Creative Aging International will produce two events in Spring of 2018 stimulating thought leadership for the rapidly expanding area of Creative Aging: in University College San Francisco, February 9th and 10th and Trinity College Dublin, March 2nd and 3rd.

Booking opening soon.



HeadspaceDublin with dates



Can we live longer, better?

HeadspaceDublin is a two-day celebration of scientific and creative investigation.

Focused on caring communities and cultural solutions, on brain health and dementia, it will inspire, entertain and inform.

Poverty, housing, education, have huge effects on health. As does access to healthcare, isolation, social connectedness, personal or financial security. Its estimated these Social Determinants account for 50% of disease and mortality. We grow old unequally and the Brain is especially sensitive. Addressing the challenges is key to improving health but healthcare alone can’t solve the issues.

So how do we change?

What can we do today?

Where are the innovators creating tomorrow’s solutions?


March 2nd and 3rd 2018, Trinity College Dublin


Creative Aging International will produce two events in Spring of 2018 stimulating thought leadership and creative aging: in San Francisco, USA February 9th and 10th, and across the campus of Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland in March 3rd and 4th more online at

This event is FREE but places are limited.

Booking opening soon.