Committing time to meeting, debating, listening and celebrating, whether formally at events or informally in networks, is building a bank of knowledge that is changing practice. More importantly, this directly contributes to improving the lives of older people.

Dominic Campbell, Co-Founder, Creative Aging

22 February – 5 March 2021 


Playaway Conversations

Creativity Games and Aging

Tinderbox Collective is a community of young people, musicians, artists and youth workers, based in Scotland. At a time when many people are moving online, Tinderbox Collective turned to the Games industry for inspiration by asking how games are adapting and responding to the pandemic, and exploring roles they might play in the future.

What are the most interesting ways of playing and interacting online and offline? Are there possibilities for new connections, learning & collaborations between gaming worlds and other sectors? Can we build a more playful and creative way forward?

Over 2 weeks Tinderbox PlayAway showcased and celebrated the creativity, diversity, innovation, and imagination in games through panel discussions, workshops, demos, live music performances, virtual play sessions and game jams joined by 1000 attendees and participants. Find out more about Tinderbox Playaway

Dominic Campbell joined Jack Nissan, Director of Tinderbox Collective, in conversation exploring what place there is for older people in this bright and digitised future.

Click here to watch Dominic Campbell in conversation with Jack Nissan