Our commitment is to create and be part of collaborative events where people, by sharing insights and experience, develop new ways of doing and thinking together.
Bea Kelleher, Co-Founder of Creative Ageing

5 – 6 June 2019

Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY

Supported and inspired by:                                                                                                      Atlantic Fellows, Global Brain Health Institute,Health Enterprises Network,Ideas xLab, The City of Louisville Office of Performance Improvement and Innovation, Louisville Healthcare CEO Council, Next Avenue,Speed Art Museum, TimeSlips, The Center for Creative Placehealing at the University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences and the Trager Institute at the University of Louisville.



Creating A New Old, Kentucky 2019

Creative approaches are rewriting the traditions of aging, providing vision, connecting institutions and communities, nurturing wellbeing. This event in The Speed Art Museum in Louisville was a two-day deep dive into contemporary aging that celebrates of the potential of us, the aging population.

Creating A New Old explored:

  • What is unique about aging today?
  • Who are the innovators creating tomorrow’s solutions?

Living longer is changing the way we live, where we live, and how we care for our aging selves and our beloveds. Older populations stretch from the wealthiest to the most fragile in society. Enabling an aging population to live full lives involves sectors and services as diverse as finance, transport, tech, fashion, housing and healthcare.

The event encouraged attendees to be active and engaged participants.

Day 1: Examined the assets already present in Louisville that crossed commerce, community, civic, culture, research, entrepreneurial and health sectors

Day 2: Explored what changes could happen for the opportunities for older people to live fuller lives to be realised.

Speakers included:

Anne Basting
Dr. Tony Brosky
Bellarmine University
Angela Burton
Feet to the Fire Writers' Workshops
Dominic Campbell
Creative Aging International
Dr Joseph d’Ambrosio
Trager Institute
Tony Dingman
Frazier Museum
Theodore Edmonds
Creative Place Healing
Dr Anna Faul
Trager Institute
Prof Nat Irvin
Business Louisville
Shannon Karol
The Speed Art Museum
Angie McAllister
Signature Healthcare Hometown
Josh Miller
IDEAS xLaban
Eva Nyerges
Dr Beth Quinn
Bellarmine University
Grace Simrall
Civic Innovation and Technology
Sarah Teeters
Aging & Disabled Citizens for Louisville Metro Government


Presenters and attendees brought expertise and knowledge from commerce, community, civic, culture, research, entrepreneurial and health sectors to consider how we all might live longer, better.

Across 1.5 days, the program stimulated understanding and innovation, bringing perspective on the richness of existing assets already present in Louisville. Creating a New Old explored how these assets may combine within the framework of a celebratory strategy to deliver on multiple ambitions.

Creating a New Old builds from the experiences of older adults, carers, and families. It uses examples of local inspiration from the civic, commercial, community and research space to explore:

  • Impacts and effect of longevity
  • The need for cross cutting innovation and role of creative practices
  • Developments in workplace, staff and community
  • Self-generated supports for carers and caring communities that address isolation, social, emotional, medical and spiritual well being
  • The process of achieving impact and scale, while tailoring solutions to place

Toegether, participants started to co-create a shared vision using the 5 Dimensions of the Creative Placehealing Framework©  developed by the Center for Creative Placehealing at the University of Louisville School of Public Health & Information Sciences


Setting the Scene: What makes contemporary aging unique?

Symposia hosts Dominic Campbell and Theo Edmonds introduced global perspective and local context.

Creative Care: Aging and Innovation

MacArthur Fellow and founder of Timeslips Anne Bastings introduced the ground breaking Kentucky project “I Won’t Grow Up”. Developed across Signature Health’s residential care sites to transform the lives of residents, caregivers, directors of nursing and quality of life directors, staff, family, and community who were invited to share from their experience.

What unique exceptional local innovations are emerging from the cultural area?

Host: Josh Miller, IDEAS xLab

Aging longer is a global phenomenon and aging better a global challenge. However,  aging shrinks geography and solutions are always local. This session explored the unique exceptional local innovations emerging from the cultural area.

Contributors included:

  • Angela Burton – Founder of Feet to the Fire Writers’ Workshops®,
  • Tony Dingman – Teaching artist, Frazier Museum
  • Shannon Karol – Director of Education, The Speed Art Museum
  • Eva Nyerges – Kentucky Refugee Ministries 

Opportunity: Local, National, International

Aging at scale is perceived as a challenge while age related sector growth in Louisville indicates opportunity.  The panel discussion encouraged attendees to reflect on and map existing opportunities in Louisville. Key questions included:

  1. Where does ageing well at scale and how?
  2. What could inspire or apply here?
  3. What local assets and opportunities can be built on?
  4. Why do community and cultural connections suggest Culture, Capital, and Talent can be developed in Louisville?

Panellists include:

  • From Government: Grace Simrall and Sarah Teeters –engaged with various elder related city initiatives including Age-Friendly Louisville Plan 2019-21
  • From Research and Academic: Anna Faul and Joe D’Ambrosio of – The Trager Institute
  • From Technology and Gerontology : Dr Beth Quinn and Dr Brosky – Bellarmine University, Board of Thrive


To There From Here: Mapping the move for healthier longevity.

This interactive session undertook a deep dive on assets, connections, and pathways

Reintroduction and Reflection

Hosts reopened the symposia with learnings from day one, focusing on does cultural wellbeing indicate harmony as the ambition of a society that is aging well?

Opportunity in Aging.  “If X then Y? What must be true to move beyond potential?”

Nat Irvin, Futurist

Nat considered how to create the conditions for successfully aging better. His presentation explored:

  1. How can the strengths of people, process and place align and combine?
  2. What types of translation, across the creative, scientific and entrepreneurial fields are required for effective collaboration to be delivered?
  3. How can successful aging industry and cohesive aging communities occur at the same time?

Opportunity in Aging; Celebration and Strategy – Joining It All Together

Dominic Campbell, Creative Aging Internationa and Next Avenue key influencer on Aging

Why is celebration key to strategy? 

Hosts brought the two days to a close with a design charrette exploring with attendees how festival platforms can be used to display, celebrate and collaborate for long lasting benefit of all by exploring:

  1. What would you want to see?
  2. What might success might look like?
  3. What clear and actionable tasks are required and possible?

Supported and inspired by: