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Jerry W. Brown

Bethany Center

CASPF – Chief Executive Officer, Bethany Center Senior Housing, Inc.

Jerry W. Brown, CASPF, is Chief Executive Officer of Bethany Center Senior Housing, Inc. in San Francisco, California. Mr. Brown has held this position for over thirty years. Bethany Center serves low-income seniors and younger disabled adults through HUD subsidized housing with supportive services allowing them to age in place and avoid premature institutionalization. Bethany Center has won state and national recognition for its service model. Mr. Brown is an active member of Leading Age California and has received their highest accolade, “The Award of Honor 2016” for his work. He speaks regularly at state, national, and international conferences on housing with supportive services. Under his leadership, he founded the Bethany Center Foundation of San Francisco that supports “Ruth’s Table” a creative learning outreach program.

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