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Dr Joseph d’Ambrosio

Trager Institute

Director of Health Innovation & Sustainability, The University of Louisville Trager Institute

Dr d’Ambrosio work with the Trager Institute at the University of Louisville includes research, community engagement, grant writing, compassion work, student supervision, philanthropy and identifying new research, business and community opportunities. Dr. D’Ambrosio also directs the innovative and sustainability efforts at the Institute and ensures that team dialogue is focused on improving meta-cognitive self-regulatory capacity so that innovative solutions are developed. He has conducted teaching activities that included a transdisciplinary focus where gerontology, mental health, medical family therapy and care coordination formed a part of the curriculum housed within the Institute. He has provided seminar/workshop training in mental health for medical and dental students as requested and has been the lead supervisor and small group facilitator to students doing placements and internships at the Institute.

Dr. D’Ambrosio has also performed clinical services such as leading the behavioral health grant mental health team for patient care, as well as care of the team and performing community services that include leading and executing outreach efforts, developing, managing and actively participating in strategic community outreach plans in the Institute’s Kentucky Coalition for a Health Kentucky. He has worked with University, community and business leaders to develop transdisciplinary research and innovative teams.

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