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Angela Burton

Feet to the Fire Writers' Workshops

Founder, Feet to the Fire Writers’ Workshops®

Angela Burton is the Founder & Chief Writing Motivator of Feet to the Fire Writers’ Workshops®, a creative program that inspires adults to challenge themselves through expressive writing. She began the program in Louisville in 2014 and expanded to develop a special train-the-trainer program for aging adults after she ran countless workshops for more than 600 elders. Her particular brand of helping people find their voice and write authentic stories earned her a spot in Louisville’s WILD Accelerator for Female Founders program and has gained national attention.

She is also a VIP (Very Innovative Pioneer) member of the Health Enterprise Network and Feet to the Fire was recently recognized as Next Avenue’s Editor’s Picks for 2018. Her innovative program appears in other national publications, including AARP’s Bulletin. Burton holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts and a B.A. in English from the University of Louisville. Feet to the Fire Writers’ Workshops® launched nationally in 2018.

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