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4 May 2020

Running national events in crisis

Virtual International Conference on Arts in Health

I’m oddly well placed to run national events in crisis. Previously I’ve been involved in: 

  1. Delaying and repositioning St Patrick’s Festival in response to foot and mouth
  2. Producing nationwide celebration marking EU expansion under Irish presidency
  3. Originating Dawn Chorus during the financial downturn to connect communities for Bealtaine Festival. It is a proven formula.

But this one is different. Its happening everywhere and almost everyone is connected. I’ll be talking about that on May 4that The Virtual International Conference on Arts in Health starts May 4th

A great initiative by Olakunle Adewale, part of his work lifting the profile and impact of arts, health and ageing in Nigeria and more broadly in Africa. Cheyenne Mize, Jenny Gubner and myself are presenting, the key speaker is Jill Sonke

Sign up, message about it, etc.

Or just admire the lovely poster they made of me. Well my Mum likes it!