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7 May 2020

Creative Aging Snapshot


In response to the Coronovirus, the Age of Creativity Festivalhas partnered with Creative Aging International to devise a ‘Creative Aging Snapshot’ focused on England, with reflections from countries around the world who are experiencing this unprecedented pandemic. Four questions will be posed and the same questions will be asked in May and again in October 2020.

7th May/ 2nd October 2020

Since Lockdown…how is the cultural sector adapting to deliver creativity for, with and by older people?

14th May/ 9th October 2020
Since lockdown…how are people living with dementia engaging with creativity?

21st May/ 16th October 2020
Since lockdown…how has the role of creativity changed in the Age sector?

28th May/ 23rd October 2020
Since lockdown…how are we supporting older people with limited digital access to enjoy creativity?

In response to the questions we are inviting you to:

  1. Record a short (1 mins or less) response on your iPhone or write a sentence responding to one, or more of the questions for social media platforms. Say who you are, where in the world you are.
  2. Send any relevant research, reports or articles to be shared through networks or write a blog of no more than 500 words (plus a relevant picture or logo) reflecting your personal or professional opinion. Add links to your websites, social pages etc

Your contributions will be uploaded to the Age of Creativity website and relevant social platforms, shared through our extensive networks.  Please include your social media contact details for inclusion.

On the day of each discussion, you can engage with the conversation via @ageofcreativity on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using  #ageofcreativity and #ThursdaystheDay

Get in touch if there are any other ways this snapshot may link with other projects or research you are working on.  The findings from this will be shared through networks and directly with contributors in November 2020, however initial reflections to the response will be shared as appropriate in the summer.  Please email contributions to

If you are tweeting live I will be focused on 9am/3pm and 6pm Irish time.

We hope you can help create a snapshot at the unusual and transformative time.