Our Mission

It’s time to celebrate aging.
In partnership with organizations committed to improving the quality of life for older people, we help people live longer and better in their communities and in their countries.

Our Project Benefits

As the global population ages older audiences will emerge as a dynamic social force seeking arts, entertainment and cultural projects addressing their issues and concerns. This initiative provides the experiences they will seek.

Demographic and socioeconomic trends remind us of the need for creative thinking across public policy issues from health and pensions to housing. Responses are challenged by stereotyping, systemic challenge, scale and fear of our own aging.

Creative Aging International works creatively with companies, organizations and individuals worldwide developing innovative programs tailored to place and bringing together best practice for thought leadership. Our work transforms for the better how we view and approach aging – as individuals, as artists, as companies, as governments and as societies.

Our Aims

Create Impact
Establish products that have a profound and visible impact on the popular understanding of aging and creative practice at national and local level.

Enrich Aging
Enrich the experience of aging by creating an outlet for social connections and enhanced social relationships.

Improve Well-Being
Improve feelings of well-being, psychological outlook and morale amongst participants through our celebration and festival programmes.

Nuture Social Cohesion
Nurture social cohesion and social capital. Our leadership has achieved this in Ireland.
Our model is proven. Can its momentum be continued in other countries?

Our Founders

Dominic Campbell


Bea Kelleher