Models and Prototypes

Our project is a social enterprise in which income from entertainment reduces reliance on philanthropy over time.

We are developing a number of models and prototypes specific to place and context. Then using this tailored approach across a number of countries. We will deliver on our social ambitions, entertainment goals and revenue targets. Usually in our models philanthropic investment in the start up period enables a project that becomes self-financing over four years.

They are developed to achieve independence from title sponsorship enabling the involvement of multiple agencies.

We’re creating a valuable and accessible focal point for wider engagement between stakeholders and constituent audiences.

For example, with revenue generating ticketed events on week-nights and at weekends, auxiliary programming, discussion programs, tea dances and music events the temporary Festival site offers several strands of ticket income in addition to café and bar sales, music video and broadcast, hires, concessions and merchandise.

Programming offers free events alongside ticketed. It is designed to encourage engagement and promote values.

Income is reinvested in the project as it develops. And that’s just where we start.

We bring the fun and entrepreneurial spirit of the entertainment industry to a social development agenda.

Why not invest in taking care of the older you?

Isn’t it time you began to enjoy growing older?

To find out more, please contact Dominic for more information