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    9:00 amThe Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Kentucky


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    We live long, let’s start living well.

    Creating A New Old invites you to the Speed Art Museum in Louisville for a two-day deep dive into contemporary aging.

    An inspiring celebration of the potential of us, the aging population. What is unique about aging today? Who are the innovators creating tomorrow’s solutions?

    Living longer is changing the way we live, where we live, and how we care for our aging selves and our beloveds. Older populations include the wealthiest and most fragile in society. Change is crossing sectors from finance to transport, tech to fashion, housing to healthcare.

    Creative approaches are rewriting the traditions of aging, providing vision, connecting institutions and communities, nurturing wellbeing.

    This is an invitation to be an active and engaged audience:

    June 5th focuses on what assets are already present in Louisville that crossing commerce, community, civic, culture, research, entrepreneurial and health sectors

    June 6th asks what has to happen for opportunity to be realised.


    Celebration is crucial. Isn’t it great to be alive?


    Speakers include:

    Anne Basting -

    Dominic Campbell -

    Theodore Edmonds -

    Anna Faul and Joseph D'Ambrosio -

    Nat Irvin -


    This event is FREE but spaces are very limited. You must register to attend.



    Supported and inspired by:

    Atlantic Fellows, Global Brain Health Institute,Health Enterprises Network,Ideas xLabThe City of Louisville Office of Performance Improvement and Innovation, Louisville Healthcare CEO Council, Next Avenue,Speed Art Museum, TimeSlips, The Center for Creative Placehealing at the University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences and the Trager Institute at the University of Louisville.




    Both presenters and attendees bring expertise and knowledge from commerce, community, civic, culture, research, entrepreneurial and health sectors to consider how we all might live longer, better.


    Across 1.5 days the program stimulates understanding and innovation. This is an invitation to be an active and engaged audience bringing perspective on the richness of existing assets already present in Louisville. Creating a New Old explores how these assets may combine within the framework of a celebratory strategy to deliver on multiple ambitions.


    CANO builds from the experiences of older adults, carers, and families. It uses examples of local inspiration from the civic, commercial, community and research space to explore:

    • Impacts and effect of longevity
    • The need for cross cutting innovation and role of creative practices
    • Developments in workplace, staff and community
    • Self-generated supports for carers and caring communities that address isolation, social, emotional, medical and spiritual well being
    • The process of achieving impact and scale, while tailoring solutions to place


    Join us to discover how we all might live better, longer?


    Over the 1.5 day process, we will co-create a shared vision using the 5 Dimensions of the Creative Placehealing Framework©  developed by the Center for Creative Placehealing at the University of Louisville School of Public Health & Information Sciences






    9.00 - 9.30 Registration, Coffee and informal introductions.



    Setting the Scene: What makes contemporary aging unique?

    Symposia hosts Dominic Campbell and Theo Edmonds introduce global perspective and local context.


    10.00 – 12.00 SESSION 2 (CREATIVITY)

    Creative Care: Aging and Innovation

    MacArthur Fellow and founder of Timeslips Anne Bastings introduces the ground breaking Kentucky project “I Won’t Grow Up”. Developed across Signature Health’s residential care sites to transform the lives of residents, caregivers, directors of nursing and quality of life directors, staff, family, and community who we’ve invited to share from their experience.


    12.00 - 1.00pm SESSION 3 (CURIOSITY)

    Host: Josh Miller, IDEAS xLab

    Aging longer is a global phenomenon, aging better a global challenge, but aging shrinks geography and solutions are always local.

    What unique exceptional local innovations are emerging from the cultural area?


    • Angela Burton - Founder of Feet to the Fire Writers’ Workshops®,
    • Tony Dingman - Teaching artist, Frazier Museum
    • Shannon Karol - Director of Education, The Speed Art Museum
    • Eva Nyerges - Kentucky Refugee Ministries


    1.00pm TO 2pm LUNCH.

    Please note: the event is free, teas and coffees are available, but lunch is not provided.

    Food is available in The Speed Museum or nearby to suit all price points.


    2.00pm – 3.00pm SESSION 4 (COMMERCE & COMMUNITY)

    Opportunity: Local, National, International

    Aging at scale is perceived as a challenge while age related sector growth in Louisville indicates opportunity.  A panel discussion encourages attendees to reflect on and map existing opportunities in Louisville.

    Panellists include:

    • From Government: Grace Simrall and Sarah Teeters –engaged with various elder related city initiatives including Age-Friendly Louisville Plan 2019-21
    • From Research and Academic: Anna Faul and Joe D’Ambrosio of - The Trager Institute
    • From Technology and Gerontology : Dr Beth Quinn and Dr Brosky - Bellarmine University, Board of Thrive


    Where does ageing well at scale and how? What could inspire or apply here?

    What local assets and opportunities can be built on?

    Why do community and cultural connections suggest Culture, Capital, and Talent can be developed in Louisville?



    To There From Here: Mapping the move for healthier longevity.

    Assets, connections, and pathways, an interactive session




    9.00 – 9.15

    Coffee and informal introductions


    9.15– 9.30

    Reintroduction and Reflection (CULTURAL WELLBEING)

    Hosts reopen the symposia with learnings from day one

    Does cultural wellbeing indicate harmony as the ambition of a society that is aging well?


    9.30 to 10.30 Session 1 (CREATING A BIGGER US)

    Opportunity in Aging.  “If X then Y? What must be true to move beyond potential?”

    Nat Irvin, Futurist, on creating the conditions for successfully aging better.

    How can the strengths of people, process and place align and combine?

    What types of translation, across the creative, scientific and entrepreneurial fields are required for effective collaboration to be delivered?

    How can successful aging industry and cohesive aging communities occur at the same time?.


    10.45 – 12.00 Session 2  (CELBRATING A BIGGER US)

    Opportunity in Aging; Celebration and Strategy – Joining It All Together

    Dominic Campbell, Creative Aging Internationaland Next Avenue key influencer on Aging

    Why is celebration key to strategy?


    Hosts bring the two days to a close with a design charrette exploring with attendees how festival platforms can be used to display, celebrate and collaborate for long lasting benefit of all.

    What would you want to see?

    What might success might look like?

    What clear and actionable tasks are required and possible?



    Anne Basting – Professor of Theatre, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Founder, CEO of TimeSlips Creative Storytelling

    Anne Basting (Ph.D.) is Professor of Theatre at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Her work focuses on the potential for the arts and humanities to improve our quality of life as communities and individuals. For over 20 years, Basting has developed and researched methods for embedding the arts into long-term care, with a particular focus on people with cognitive disabilities like dementia. Basting is author of numerous articles and three books, Forget Memory: Creating better lives for people with dementia (2009) and The Stages of Age: Performing Age in Contemporary American Culture. Named a 2016 MacArthur Fellow, Basting is also the recipient of a Rockefeller Fellowship, a Brookdale National Fellowship, and numerous major grants, including the MAP Fund and NEA Artworks. She is author and/or producer of nearly a dozen plays and public performances, including Slightly Bigger Women (2015) and Finding Penelope (2011), a play inspired by a year of intergenerational conversations about the myth of Penelope from Homer’s Odyssey, and professionally staged at a long term care facility. Her latest book —The Penelope Project: An Arts-based Odyssey to Change Elder-care (University of Iowa Press, 2016) co-edited with Maureen Towey and Ellie Rose — tells the story of that remarkable collaboration.


    Dr. Tony Brosky - Professor-Physical Therapy, Dean-School of Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences-College of Health Professions, Bellarmine University-Louisville, Kentucky

    Dr. Tony Brosky has served as the Dean of the School of Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences at Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY since 2017 and holds rank of full professor in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.  He is Board Certified in Sports Physical Therapy and previously served as a faculty member in the DPT Program for 15 years.  He maintains an active scholarly agenda with clinical and research interests in the management and treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions and in the development and impact of community engagement activities on students and faculty in the health professions.  He has over 90 peer-reviewed presentations and publications in journals, books and national and international meetings.  He has been married to his wife Jean (also a physical therapist) for 30 years.  They have three children and enjoy spending time together outdoors.


    Angela Burton – Founder, Feet to the Fire Writers’ Workshops®

    Angela Burton is the Founder & Chief Writing Motivator of Feet to the Fire Writers' Workshops®, a creative program that inspires adults to challenge themselves through expressive writing. She began the program in Louisville in 2014 and expanded to develop a special train-the-trainer program for aging adults after she ran countless workshops for more than 600 elders. Her particular brand of helping people find their voice and write authentic stories earned her a spot in Louisville's WILD Accelerator for Female Founders program and has gained national attention. She is also a VIP (Very Innovative Pioneer) member of the Health Enterprise Network and Feet to the Fire was recently recognized as Next Avenue’s Editor’s Picks for 2018. Her innovative program appears in other national publications, including AARP’s Bulletin. Burton holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts and a B.A. in English from the University of Louisville. Feet to the Fire Writers’ Workshops® launched nationally in 2018.


    Dominic Campbell– Creative Aging International

    Dominic Campbell is co-founder of Creative Aging International currently producing "Creating A New Old” events in the USA, which respond to ageing at scale by connecting the research and innovation of artists, scientists and strategists.

    Previously he directed the Bealtaine Festival, the world’s first nationwide arts festival celebrating creativity and ageing, was Artistic Director of Ireland’s St Patrick’s Festival raising its global profile. He went on to mentor similar initiatives in the UK, Europe and Australia. An inaugural Atlantic Fellow for Equity and Brain Health at the Global Brain Health Institute, he promotes celebration as integral to transformational social strategies and was named a Next Avenue Key Influencer on Aging.


    Dr Joseph d’Ambrosio– Director of Health Innovation & Sustainability, The University of Louisville Trager Institute.

    Dr d’Ambrosio work with the Trager Institute at the University of Louisville includes research, community engagement, grant writing, compassion work, student supervision, philanthropy and identifying new research, business and community opportunities. Dr. D’Ambrosio also directs the innovative and sustainability efforts at the Institute and ensures that team dialogue is focused on improving meta-cognitive self-regulatory capacity so that innovative solutions are developed. He has conducted teaching activities that included a transdisciplinary focus where gerontology, mental health, medical family therapy and care coordination formed a part of the curriculum housed within the Institute. He has provided seminar/workshop training in mental health for medical and dental students as requested and has been the lead supervisor and small group facilitator to students doing placements and internships at the Institute.

    Dr. D’Ambrosio has also performed clinical services such as leading the behavioral health grant mental health team for patient care, as well as care of the team and performing community services that include leading and executing outreach efforts, developing, managing and actively participating in strategic community outreach plans in the Institute’s Kentucky Coalition for a Health Kentucky. He has worked with University, community and business leaders to develop transdisciplinary research and innovative teams.


    Tony Dingman– Project Specialist and Teaching artist, Frazier Museum

    Tony is a Project Specialist and Teaching Artist at the Frazier Museum.  He holds a BA in theatre from Northern Kentucky University.  He was a Co- Artistic Director of LePetomane Theatre Ensemble for 10 years and Co-Artistic Director of Think Tank Theatre.  Presently he is working towards an MFA in playwriting at Spalding University.  He has been telling stories with elders at Nazareth Home in Louisville for two years.


    Theodore Edmonds- Director of the Center for Creative Placehealing at the University of Louisville School of Public Health & Information Sciences and co-founder of IDEAS xLAB.

    Born and raised in the Appalachian mountain town of Jackson, Kentucky -- same community that is the focus of NY Times Best-seller, Hillbilly Elegy -- Theo is an artist, innovator and culture evangelist who was named one of "50 People Changing the Face of the South" by Southern Living Magazine. He is a faculty member of the University of Louisville School of Public Health & Information Science where he leads the Center for Creative Placehealing – a 21st Century entrepreneurship program at the intersection of public health and the creative industries. His research is focused on using cultural analytics to measure and predict innovation capacity while introducing an entrepreneurial model that moves systems beyond diversity toward full inclusion.

    Theo guides the next-gen entrepreneurship program for the Derby Diversity & Business Summit, serves as the founding Vice-Chair of Civitas, Louisville’s new LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce and co-chairs the Louisville Health Advisory Board's Cultural/Social Impact Committee. He is the co-founder of IDEAS xLab, an arts-based nonprofit focused on civic innovation, activism and health, and was co-leader for Louisville's successful 2016 bid to be named a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize winner.


    Dr Anna Faul– Executive Director, The University of Louisville Trager Institute.

    Dr. Faul's research agenda focuses on five critical needs in the field of aging and chronic disease management:

    • The high prevalence and disproportionate impact of diabetes and cancer on marginalized people in our society;
    • The lack of health self-management and prevention programs that address cultural influences and the influences of the complex systems in which people function on people’s health;
    • The need for sophisticated multilevel explanatory, methodologies in social work and health research to analyze pathways to effective health behavior;
    • The need for social work researchers and practitioners to help fill the workforce gap for our aging society; and
    • The need for reforming long-term care.


    Prof Nat Irvin - Assistant Dean of Thought Leadership and Civic Engagement, University of Louisville College of Business. 

    Author, innovator, futurist, teacher, composer and former radio and television commentator, Nat Irvin, II, serves as Assistant Dean of Thought Leadership and Civic Engagement, and Woodrow M. Strickler Chair, Professor of Management Practice, University of Louisville, College of Business. He teaches graduate courses in the future of management, leadership, and team dynamics.

    Irvin has engaged the leadership and management teams of several groups and organizations, including Fortune 100 companies in strategic conversations focused on the significant social, political, economic, technological and environmental trends and events that will drive the mid-to-long term future.

    He serves as futurist for the National Black MBA Association and the Executive Leadership Council (ELC). He most recently authored “The Chase for 2042” the concluding chapter for “Celebrating a Legacy, Empowering the Future,” The National Black MBA Association, 2015. He is the recipient of the H. Naylor Fitzhugh Award of Relevance, awarded by National Black MBA, which recognizes exceptional contributions and a demonstrated involvement in various businesses, educational and professional organizations within the African American community. In 2016, he received the Faculty Service Award, College of Business, University of Louisville. Irvin is a former member of the Board of Directors of the World Future Society, and chaired the Annual Conference, Washington, DC, 2008.

    From 1996-2007, Irvin led Future Focus 2020, a think tank dedicated to providing leadership in bringing futurist thinking to urban communities. In 2000, Future Focus 2020 became a center of the Babcock Graduate School of Management at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where Dr. Irvin served as Executive Professor of Future Studies and as Assistant Dean for MBA Student Development.

    Dr. Irvin is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and a Master’s degree in Media Arts. An accomplished composer, he also holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts degree in Music Composition from the University of North Texas and is a graduate of the Institute for Educational Management, Harvard University Graduate School of Education.


    Shannon Karol - Director of Education, The Speed Art Museum

    Shannon Karol is the Director of the Education at the Speed Art Museum, a position she has held since June 2018. In this role, Shannon oversees a range of gallery, studio, and community outreach programs that provide opportunities for guests to “Grow Up at the Speed.” Prior to her appointment as Director of Education, Shannon served as the Teaching and Engagement Manager at the Speed from 2015-2018. She has also held positions at the Cincinnati Art Museum and Dallas Museum of Art, and has a Masters degree in Art History from the University of Iowa.


    Angie McAllister - Director of Cultural Transformation at Signature Healthcare Hometown

    Angie has served Elders living in long term care communities since 1995 when she entered the industry as a nursing assistant. During the past 23 years she has worked in many roles including most currently as Director of Cultural Transformation at Signature HealthCare-Hometown.  Over the past five years, Angie has worked with a team of individuals to create and sustain organizational change to improve the well-being of Elders living within the organization.


    Josh Miller – Co-Founder and CEO, IDEAS xLab

    Josh Miller is the co-founder and CEO of IDEAS xLaban artist-led organization leveraging the power of community creativity and culture to transform people’s lives in support of a more healthy, just, and hopeful society.

    He has a background in entrepreneurship, art and business administration, and editorial production, and explores the world through photography (and a lot of running), documenting his journey through In addition to his outdoor explorations, Josh celebrates the brilliance and strength of marginalized people including LGBTQ+ and Black communities through photography and collaborative storytelling.

    Josh was selected for Louisville Business First's Forty under 40 in 2018, and is the Co-Chair of the Louisville Health Advisory Board's Communications Committee, a TEDx speaker, a founding board member of Civitas, a regional LGBTQ chamber of commerce based in Louisville, and an advisor for the Derby Diversity & Business Summit.


    Eva Nyerges– Services to Elder Refugees Coordinator, Kentucky Refugee Ministries

    Eva Nyerges has served as the Services to Older Refugees Program Coordinator at Kentucky Refugee Ministries since 2015.  The program serves refugees and asylees living in Jefferson County, Kentucky who are 60 years and over and who have not yet become U.S. citizens.  The program serves to help integrate elders into their new community through English language learning, citizenship preparation, cultural orientation, field trips, and arts programming.  Eva received her Masters of Social Work from the University of Kentucky in May 2015.


    Dr Beth Quinn- Instructor, Associate Director of Clinical Education, Bellarmine University

    Beth Quinn, PT, DPT, GCS:   Dr. Beth Quinn is a board certified geriatric clinical specialist and the Associate Director of Clinical Education at Bellarmine University.  She has been practicing physical therapy for over 17 years primarily in the acute care setting.  On faculty with the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Bellarmine, Dr. Quinn is responsible for the clinical education component of the curriculum as well as teaching in Gerontology and Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy.  Dr. Quinn’s research interest include the utilization of technology in balance and falls prevention in the older adult population, functional assessment in oncology rehabilitation, and clinical readiness with physical therapy students.


    Grace Simrall- Chief of Civic Innovation and Technology for Louisville Metro Government

    Grace Simrall was named Chief of Civic Innovation and Technology for Louisville Metro Government in August 2016. She is responsible for advising the Mayor and leading the city’s Smart City initiative, transforming the resident experience of digital government, and facilitating co-creation of breakthrough civic innovations. Under her leadership, the city has received national recognition for their innovation work including 2017 Center for Digital Government - Most Innovative City, 2018 Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge Champion City, and 2018 Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge awardee. Prior to this role, Simrall served as Executive Director of Innovation at Care Innovations, a joint venture between Intel and GE Healthcare, where she was responsible for the company’s innovation and analytics initiatives. In 2010, she founded iGlass Analytics, a startup focused on delivering data management and analytics solutions in the healthcare technology space.


    Sarah Teeters– Louisville Metro Office for Aging and Disabled Citizens

    Sarah Teeters began her career with the Office for Aging & Disabled Citizens for Louisville Metro Government in February 2016. In her role, Sarah focuses on providing leadership to and participating in community activities, advocating for rights, policies and funding that can enhance the lives and independence of older adults and individuals with disabilities.

    Sarah actively participates community initiatives, including TRIAD, AARP’s Age Friendly City, the Mayor’s ADA Roundtable, KIPDA’s Aging and Disability Advisory Council, Regional Mobility Council, Mental Health and Aging Coalition, Americorp’s Senior Advisory Board, and the local Elder Abuse Coordinating Committee to sustain and improve services to citizens and/or their care partners.

    Sarah graduated from Indiana State University with a degree in Health & Human performance. She took special interest in Aging Studies when she became a family caregiver for her grandfather who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease while she was attending school. Her entire career this far has been dedicated to serving older adults and persons with both cognitive and physical disabilities to improve their quality of life.