Seven Criteria For Really Interesting

A quick one but a key one. In the process of drafting presentation for the events of Lange Leve Kunst, NCCA and CityProms in Leeuwarden I’ve started to articulate what I think all the “really interesting” Creative Aging work has in common. I was reflecting that as people age their geography shrinks. In a large […]
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  • On 13th September 2015
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Aging in the USA

Lately doing the work has taken precedence over writing about it. I’ve the briefest of gaps before a really busy week where I’ll give presentations at The Creative Age, NCCA’s National Leadership Exchange and Conference in Washington DC and Long Live Arts in The Hague. The DC one is especially exciting as it aligns with […]


Travel has a way of bringing things home. One day in October I woke up in Dublin, 48 years old, and therefore being in Ireland a middle aged man. By the time went to sleep that night in South Africa, an odd “miracle” made me a very old man indeed. It’s not the travel that […]

A Change in The Weather From Tasmania

October 2014 found me experiencing early Spring in Tasmania. 14 seasons in one day. To be accurate it was early Spring in Penguin, the delightfully named small town on the north coast of the island. For those whose geography is poor, and like me are too stubborn and shy to ask directions, Tasmania is the […]