We’ve been wondering what to do in the Covid Crisis.

Our work is about contact and connection. Building communities of care through creativity. In the first few weeks it felt like this was impossible as self-quarantining and then social distancing kept everyone apart.   In Ireland at least that’s still the case. Bea and I have been locked in the same flat for 7 weeks […]

Berkeley Arts + Design

So, I was in San Francisco in September and spoke at Berkeley and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TALK Working as a cultural producer in a department of neuro-science focused on reducing the impact of Alzheimers and dementias leads to sleepless nights and interesting observations. An instinctive collaborator and passionate […]


  What does a hyphen do?   Have you ever wondered why a hyphen happens?   I’ve become a animated by these small seemingly insignificant horizontal lines.   Neuro-Humanities. Arts-Health. Arts-Science. Psycho-Social.   What is the hyphen doing? Why is it there?   Is it a sort of flag waving at us? Is it a […]