Magic Beans (also known as Choir on Call)

I used to have two clean, empty baked bean cans connected by a length of string and by some Mum-Magic my Ma had me convinced it was a telephone and we could hear each other down it.   It was a kind of magic. Although we both knew we were just hearing the other person […]

“Making With” in Lockdown

Creative Aging International was started with the ideas of “making with” and “making for”. at its core.   A Festival, for instance, is something that often is “made for”.  While it involves several partners or contractors CAI are the people taking the initial idea out into the world, raising the resources, driving it along.   […]


#ThursdaystheDay   In response to the Coronovirus, the Age of Creativity Festival has partnered with Creative Aging International to devise a ‘Creative Ageing Snapshot’ focused on England, with reflections from countries around the world who are experiencing this unprecedented pandemic. Four questions will be posed and the same questions will be asked in May and again in […]

Virtual International Conference on Arts in Health

I’m oddly well placed to run national events in crisis. Previously I’ve been involved in: Delaying and repositioning St Patrick’s Festival in response to foot and mouth Producing nationwide celebration marking EU expansion under Irish presidency Originating Dawn Chorus during the financial downturn to connect communities for Bealtaine Festival. It is a proven formula.   […]